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MPT gains approval from the Nautical Institute for Dynamic Positioning Sea Time Reduction Course.

Ft Lauderdale based Maritime Professional Training (MPT) is pleased to announce the latest addition to their course offerings with the NI approval of their Sea Time Reduction Course. MPT joins a small cadre of schools world-wide that are approved to provide this prestigious high level of training, and the only school on the East Coast of the USA.  

The 5 day Sea Time Reduction Course (STR) is designed to augment a candidate’s experience and provide training and experience during a variety of vessel operations. The candidate must still complete the Basic (Induction) DP Course as well as the Advanced (Simulator) DP Course, but will be able to reduce their sea time requirements by a maximum of 30 days after successfully completing the STR Course. This is especially useful right now as the recent global downturn in oil prices has slowed the Offshore Industry and many crew members are not able to get the sea time they need in order to complete the DPO certification process within the 4 year time frame the NI requires. “Holding station alongside a rig or FPSO is no joke, being able to safely conduct operations is key and it is becoming increasingly difficult for many mariners to obtain the necessary experience right now” said Capt Scott Field, MPT Simulation Facility Manager.  “Simulation can help bridge the gap in their experience and while it will never replace experience onboard a vessel, it is able to provide mariners a high level of proficiency and understanding of their roles and responsibilities.” 


Training DPOs offshore can be both time consuming and expensive, not to mention risky. Full Mission Simulation can provide much of the same stressors and vessel factors without endangering the vessel, the environment, or the candidate. Placing the candidate in an immersive simulated environment is an attractive option and the new simulation capabilities of the MPT SMART Campus are well suited to this high-level of training. “Providing the very best learning environment and utilizing real-world equipment is a key component of our philosophy” said Capt Ted Morley, MPT COO. “Our goal is that the candidate is able to leave our classrooms and return to the ship with the abilities to immediately put his or her new knowledge and skills to work.”


MPT recently completed the expansion and upgrading of their Ft Lauderdale Fl campus to 61,000 sf of training, classroom, labs, and simulation spaces. A large component of that project was the expansion of their navigational simulators to include (3) Full Mission Bridge Simulators, now equipped to NI DP2 standards and reconfigured to provide real world training in line with the needs of modern BRM and integrated watch-standing. Additional upgrades to their DP Classroom spaces, ARPA classrooms, and ECDIS classrooms have made for a state-of-the-art facility. Work is on-going on the integration of the Full Mission Engine Room Simulator as well as the Full Mission Liquid Cargo Simulator, once complete these will enhance the simulation programs and allow for Total Ship Crew Training in a single exercise.