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303 RYA Short Range Certificate (SRC) Radio Course


$ 299.00

Course Duration

1 Days



Course Description

RYA Short Range Radio License Certificate (SRC) - Course #303
This course is perfect for boating enthusiasts and yachting professionals to learn more about Radio Operation and obtain a Radio License valid worldwide for VHF DSC and Single Side Band Radios. The examination for the RYA Short Range Certificate (SRC) is included in the course.
On day one all of the training is conducted, Subjects Include:
Radio Operation
Management of the Maritime Mobile Band
Introduction to GMDSS
Marine VHF
Digital Selective Calling Equipment
Emergency Radio Equipment
Routine Procedures
Distress Procedures
This course has recently been revised and now requires a day of training and then a separately scheduled examination conducted by an RYA SRC Examiner. MPT will arrange for the RYA SRC Examiner to be available to conduct this exam as conveniently as possible to coincide with the SRC Course dates. This examination may require a second day to complete. The examination fee will be paid by MPT as part of your tuition.
Submission and Issuance:
Once the training and the examination are completed, the application must be mailed to the RYA for the issuance of the radio license. The RYA will charge a separate fee for issuance and this fee will be paid by MPT on behalf of the applicant (as of 5/14). If the candidate is also taking a Yachtmaster Exam, the application for SRC can be given to the YM Examiner for submission to the RYA with their credit card details to be processed at the same time as the Yachtmaster CoC. The instructor will help you coordinate the submission and answer any questions you have regarding the details of the radio license.
Career Counseling:
Career Counseling is also available by appointment at the MPT Student Services Office. This is helpful to choose the best radio license for you depending on your career goals and nationality.

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