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610 Marine Propulsion Plants


$ 999.00

Course Duration

5 Days


Course Description

Marine Propulsion Plants for Chief Mates & Masters - Course #610
This 5 day course covers subjects to provide a general knowledge of a ship’s propulsion and auxiliary systems. This course will satisfy the Marine Propulsion Plant Training of STCW A-II/2 for raise in grade from the operational to management level licenses as per USCG NVICs 10-14 and 11-14
The following specific Tasks are will be compelted:

Master/Chief Mate 3,000 GT or more NVIC 10-14: 

10.1.A;  10.1.B;  10.1.C;  10.1.D;  10.2.A;  10.2.B;  10.2.C;  10.2.D;  10.2.F;  10.2.G;10.2.H;  10.2.I;  10.2.J;  10.2.K;  10.3.A; and  10.3.B.

Master/Chief Mate 500 GT or more and less than 3,000 GT NVIC 11-14:

10.1.A;  10.1.C;  10.1.D;  10.2.A;  10.2.B;  10.2.C;  10.2.E;  10.2.F;  10.2.G; 10.2.H;  10.2.I;  10.2.J;  10.3.A; and  10.3.B
Subjects Include:
Steam Propulsion
Diesel Propulsion
Gas Turbine Propulsion
Electrical Distribution
Steering Systems
Water Making Systems
Sewage Processing Systems

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Marine Propulsion Plants

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