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772 Dynamic Positioning (Nautical Institute) Sea Time Reduction Course


$ 3,499.00

Lasts until: December 22, 2017

Course Duration

5 Days


Nautical Institute

Course Description

Nautical Institute Approved Sea Time Reduction (DP STR)    Dynamic Positioning Course

Successful completion of the 5 day Sea Time Reduction course will reward the student with a reduction of 30 days from their phase D sea time requirement and may be taken directly after the DP Advanced Simulator #771 Course. 

The DP Sea Time Reduction course is an opportunity for the DP trainee to spend extended and intense periods of time on DP station keeping. This 5 day course will prepare future DPO’s to confidently handle operations across a number of industries and vessel types, such as:

  • Offshore Supply
  • Floating Accommodation
  • Saturation Dive Support
  • Shuttle Tanker
  • Passenger Cruise
  • Drilling Rig
  • Cable-Lay
  • Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance


This course will challenge the trainee to enhance, consolidate and demonstrate:

  • Their knowledge of the DP system and additional equipment and instruments,
  • Their situational awareness,
  • Communication and teamwork skills,
  • Ability to analyze trends and pre-empt problems before they arise,
  • Ability to evaluate and respond to alarms, faults and emergencies with calm, reason and confidence.


Unlike other training providers, the MPT STR course places the student into a supervisory role as Senior DPO to undertake all aspects of operational planning, including worksite approach and emergency response. All exercises are carried out in a state of the art class A, Nautical Institute approved full-mission bridge simulator. These student-led scenarios are based off real-life DP incidents and include informational discussion and debrief where the trainee can compare their own decisions and actions in those same situations.

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Passport, NI Logbook with DP Advanced Simulator Course signed off, Paper, Pencil/Pen.

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