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Program Packages

All Pending Classes related to 14 USCG Captain's License Program includes 5 courses
91 classes found.
Please note that this is a program package for a domestic (National) license only. Refer to package #15 if you are looking for a STCW endorsement on your license.
Program Requirements
  • 101 Captain's License USCG - Master or Mate 100 ton
  • 130 FCC Marine Radio Operator Course and Exam MROP
  • 122 Assistance Towing
  • 103 Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG
  • 143N First Aid and CPR NIGHT CLASS
Course Name Description
101 Captain's License USCG - Master or Mate 100 ton

Captains Licenses - USCG Course #101 is the Master or Mate of Vessels of up to 100 gross tons. Course # 104 is the Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV – 6 pack) Level. MPT’s Captains License classes are USCG Approved, NO TEST AT THE USCG....
130 FCC Marine Radio Operator Course and Exam MROP

Includes MROP Study Guide and FCC Examination. This course is recommended and in most cases required for anyone using a radio on a vessel they do not own and in some cases such as operation of a larger boat or operation on the great lakes, it is required to be held by anyone operating a radio. There are no additional charges to get your FCC Radio Operators License. We file all of the paperwork for you!
122 Assistance Towing

Approved in lieu of USCG exam, within 1 year of completion. Licenses under 200T are the only licenses that require this endorsement. Tugboats require the towing vessel license courses listed separately, please see course number 120.
103 Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG

Valid for master and mate licenses, not applicable for OUPV which is automatically valid on uninspected sailing vessels. This course runs on one evening of the second week of the Captains License Class.
143N First Aid and CPR NIGHT CLASS

This is a night class version of the #143 BST First Aid Course. This class will typically be held during the Master & Captains License Classes to allow students in those classes to take both. This course will satisfy the requirements for First Aid and CPR for USCG Licenses and is required to be taken within 1 calendar year of the original license issuance. This course will also satisfy the STCW Elementary First Aid Requirement that is also offered as part of the STCW Basic Safety Training Course.