170 Dangerous Liquids Tankerman Ship or Barge (PIC) - $ 999.00

Course Description

Tankerman Dangerous Liquids Person In Charge - Course # 170
(Also called a Cargo Course by USCG, do not confuse with Cargo handling course required for Mates and Masters.) 
This 5 day course covers loading,discharging and carriage of dangerous liquids. This course will satisfy Tanker Familiarization, Tankerman Assistant, Tankerman Engineer, and Tankerman Person In Charge of Dangerous Liquids (DL). The endorsement on a Merchant Mariners Document will require meeting the sea time and appropriate product transfers as listed in 46 CFR and described in the qualification section of this manual. This course satisfies STCW A-V/1, paragraphs 1-21 for Dangerous Liquids including Petroleum and Chemical Transport.
Prerequisites for USCG Endorsement as Person In Charge:
(can be completed after class)
Completion of USCG Approved Fire fighting Course
Letter stating transfers you’ve participated in (number of, nature of & capacity)
Generally at least 10 transfers of which 5 loadings, 5 discharges with at least 2 commencements and completions of each 90 days of sea time on a tank vessel during the last 5 years
Note: If you do not have any tank vessel sea service you may complete this course and the basic fire fighting course and obtain the endorsement as TANKERMAN ASSISTANT. Then once you have gained the experience and the transfers, you can upgrade without further training or testing.
Subjects Include:
Regulations pertaining to Tanker Operations
Cargo Capacity and Basic Trim and Stability Calculations
DL Cargo Classifications
Hazards of DL cargoes
Safety Procedures
Tank Vessel Structure and Design
Vapor Control and Gas Freeing Systems
Tank Cleaning Systems
Loading and Discharging Operations
Pollution Prevention 
Spill Response
Training and Drills
This course will also satisfy the Cargo Training requirement for the renewal of a Tankerman Endorsement.
Required Materials

Pen, Paper, Pencil, Highlighter, scientific calculator

Upcoming Scheduled Classes

Class Number Start Date Finish Date
012329 22 Oct 2018 26 Oct 2018
012330 26 Nov 2018 30 Nov 2018
013338 14 Jan 2019 18 Jan 2019
013339 11 Feb 2019 15 Feb 2019
013340 11 Mar 2019 15 Mar 2019
013341 15 Apr 2019 19 Apr 2019
013342 06 May 2019 10 May 2019
013621 03 Jun 2019 07 Jun 2019
013877 19 Aug 2019 23 Aug 2019

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