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407 MCA Business and Law


$ 1,599.00

Course Duration

5 Days


Course Description

Business & Law (Master, Yachts – MCA) - Course #407
This 5 day course is designed for Master of Yacht candidates pursuing their MCA Certificate of Competency or for ambitious mariners desiring to improve their knowledge and abilities in UK Maritime Law & Administrative Procedures. This course is theory based, which is led by a certificated instructor to prepare candidates for the additional responsibilities needed to upgrade to the Masters position onboard yachts and other vessels. 
Subjects Include:
The course is divided into three sections:
1  –  Legal Framework
2  –  Safety Management
3  –  Contracts & Charter Agreements, Marine Insurance
Extensive pre-study is necessary to have an expectation of passing the examination on day 5. Candidates are encouraged to download the MCA Syllabus for this course from the MCA website as well as order the MPT textbook well in advance and spend as much time as possible conducting a comprehensive study of the information before arriving on the course. The textbook can be obtained from the Student Services Office in hard copy or in digital format by request.
Candidates are re asked to register in advance to have sufficient study time and are responsible for requesting their textbook and completing the pre-study needed to be prepared to undertake the course and exam. 
Assessment will be by a written 2½ hour examination of five questions with one question being drawn from Topic 1 and two each from Topic’s 2 and 3 of this syllabus. The pass mark will be 60%.

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