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210 Magnetic & Gyro Compasses


$ 799.00

Course Duration

2 Days


Course Description

Compass – Magnetic & Gyro: OICNW - Course #210
This 2 day course utilizes the MPT SMART TM Simulation Center.  This course will satisfy the Compass Training Requirements of STCW A-II/1 for raise in grade from the support to the operational licenses as per USCG NVIC 12-14, and will fulfill the practical assessments as outlined below. 
Subjects Include:
Magnetism of the Earth
Application of Variation and Deviation
Principles of Magnetic Compasses 
General Gyro Theory
Operating Procedures & Errors
Gyro Compasses
Automatic Pilots
Assessments Completed in this Course:

1.6.A - Magnetic variation;
1.6.B - Correct for true heading;
1.6.C - Compass deviation;
1.6.D - Magnetic compass correction;
1.7.A - Determine the gyro-compass error by bearing of range 1.7.B - Determine magnetic compass error;
1.7.C - Determine magnetic compass deviation;
1.7.D - Determine course to steer by magnetic compass; AND
1.7.E - Position fix by magnetic compass bearings.

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